In the information found on William ROSS of Cape Girardeau it is learned that our William having been a soldier in the Revolutionary War went back to North Carolina but did not stay. Not being married he walked with his rifle to what was Louisiana Territory,which is now Missouri. He did marry and by land sales must have been married twice. The first marriage was to an Elizabeth and the second Jane. Jane is in his Will.
William ROSS lived in Missouri when it was a territory of Louisiana. In Houck's History of Missouri volumne 2 page 191, some men settled near William ROSS in 1797.
In Houck's Spanish Regime volumne 2, page 407 (recopied in History of Southeast Missouri the census of 1803 states the household of William ROSS had no slaves, 2 first class white males, 2 second class white males, 2 first class white females and 1 second class white female.
This census states in the year ending November 1, 1803 he had 800 bushels of corn, 100 lbs. of flax and hemp, 1,000 lbs. of cotton, 50 lbs. of maple sugar, 10 horned cattle and no horses. Some of these cattle were probably oxen to plow with and since he did not believe in slaves the two first class males and the two first class females must have worked very hard.
A footnote to this census page 412 says that William ROSS settled at Grey's Point first known as Cape La Crus, and later known as Ross Point and that Peck preached at his house.
In John Mason Peck's Memoirs he reports visiting and preaching there. William was an active Baptist in the Bethany Association and named a daughter Bethany.
In the History of Scott County, Missouri up to the early 1880 by Edison Shrum on page 28: William ROSS original Spanish land grant Survey No. 226; 356 acres, year about 1796. Publication Citizens of Missouri, 1787-1810 Vol. 1 by Frances Ingmire, page 13 William ROSS claiming 420 arpens of land situated on the Mississippi District Cape Girardeau, produces to a board of concession from Zenon Trudeau, Lt. Governor, dated 5 January 1798 a plat of survey dated 7 December 1798 certified 5 January 1800.

The following testimony in the foregoing claim taken by Frederick Bates, Commissioner by authority from the Board at Cape Girardeau, 2 June 1808.
Andrew Ramsay, Sr. duly sworn says claimant settled in the spring of 1797, lived in a camp and in the following year, cleared, enclosed and cultivated premises inhabited and cultivated by or for claimant to the present day. Upwards of 20 acres now in cultivation, an orchard planted some years ago. The board confirmed to William ROSS 420 aprens of land as described in a plat survey certified 5 January 1800 and found on record in Book A page 197 of the recorders office (Certificate No. 226).
From the land records we find William adding to his land. For the sum of $200.00 he purchased 240 arpens of land on the bank of the Mississippi river from Peter Godaine. Recorded 13 August 1805 Book A and B page 22 and 23.
In American State Papers volumne 2 Land Claims in Missouri Territory, page 571 the land commissioners confirmed the Spanish Territorial Grant to William ROSS 1 May 1809 No. 226 of 420 arpens on the Mississippi River in Cape Girardeau District.

More Information of the Spanish Land Grants, and Old Apple Creek Church involving the William Ross


In the name of God, Amen. The Last Will and Testament of one, William ROSS, being old and knowing that all men are born to die and that I can not live long by the code of nature and yet being of a strong mind and in my proper senses have made this as my Last Will and Testament as the final settlement of my worldly concerns. There first of all: I do most senserly commend my spirit to God who gave it and my body to be interred in my burying ground there to remain there until it be raised by the power of God at the last day and for the disposal of my property I do command that out of’ the proceeds of my estate shall be paid all lawful debts, doctor bills and funeral expenses; then I do will and bequeath all the rest of my personal estate to my dear and beloved wife JANE for her support during her natural life do here will at her death what remains of the personal property shall be equally divided between my affectionate son and daughter JOHN and MARTHA and to my two sons ENOCH and JOHN I do bequeath my real estate consisting of plantation where on I now live containing four hundred and twenty arpens to be divided as follows: beginning at a hickory tree to a place on each side standing in the line between my land and the land of John Baldwin in and near the middle of a wet piece of ground lying between the river and the hills and the run from; thence due north to a creek to the first fork of the same; thence up main north fork until it crosses the line each more or less to be a separate track of lands; and the track lying on the river, I do give and bequeath to my beloved son JOHN to be at his disposal at the death or marriage of my wife JANE, and the other track I do give and bequeath to my beloved son ENOCH to have and to hold the same from the date of this my Last Will and Testament and to my beloved daughter, BETHANY, I do will the sum of ten dollars and to my beloved daughter, MARY, I do will and bequeath the sum of ten dollars to be paid out of my estate at the death or marriage of my wife JANE. This being my last Will and for the better execution this my last Will I do nominate my beloved wife JANE ROSS and my sons JOHN ROSS and ENOCH ROSS as executrix and executors to manage my business after my death to be done according to the ue intent of my Last Will and Testament in testimony whereof I have there unto put my hand this the fifth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty signed in the presents of us:
John Baldwin,
John G. Smyth ,
James P. Edwards,
William ROSS
County of Cape Girardeau L. S. (L. S.) John Baldwin and John G. Smyth being duly sworn say that William ROSS above deceased did on this day willing witness sign and be lived the foregoing writing as his Last Will and Testament that he being of sound and disposing mind that they undersigned their names there to in the presence of said testator and at his request and in the presence of James P. Edwards, the other subscribing witness and subscribed before the twenty fourth of May A. D. 1820.
Joseph Ferrona , Clerk of Circuit Court


Know all men by these presents, that we Joel Boggess, Polly ROSS, Henry Hand and John ROSS are held and firmly bound to Alexander McNair, Governor of the State of Missouri or his successors in office, in the sum of eight hundred dollars for payment where of well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severly firmly by these presents.
Sealed with our seals the twenty seventh day of October in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty three.
The condition of the above obligation is such, that if the above bounded Joel Boggess administrators and Polly ROSS, Administratrix of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of Enoch ROSS deceased, do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of them the said Joe Boggess and Polly ROSS or into the hands or possession of any person and the same so made do return and exhibit in the office of the County Court for the County of Cape Girardeau on or before the 26th day of November next, and all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the deceased which shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of the said Joel Boggess and Polly ROSS shall well and truly administer according to law, and pay the debts of the deceased as far as his assets shall extend and the law direct, and further make or cause to be made just and true accounts of their said administration, and make due and proper settlements thereof from time to time according to law or the Order Sentence or Decree of any account having competent jurisdiction and shall moreover well and truly do and perform all other matters and things, touching the said Administration, as are or shall be prescribed by law or enjoined on by the order, sentence, or decree of any court having competent jurisdiction, then this obligation to be void and of no effect. Otherwise, to remain in full force and effect.
In the presence of Joel (his mark X) Boggess; Peter R. Garrett, Polly (her mark X) ROSS, John ROSS, and Henry Hand
We do solemnly swear that Enoch ROSS died without any Will
Signed by Joel Boggess and Polly ROSS
We do solemnly swear that to the best of our knowledge there are in being Polly ROSS, widow, Robert Felire (?) ROSS, a child all legal heirs and Representatives of Enoch ROSS, who died intestate.
Sworn to and subscribed before the 27th day of October AD 1823.
1823, September 30 Book F, page 381 John ROSS sold 210 acres to Thomas Bryne recorded Cape Girardeau, Missouri. 27 days after John ROSS sold land to Thomas Byras.
7 January 1836 John ROSS bought land in Hempstead County, Arkansas Vol. 3, page 429. Township 13 South, Section 17, Range 23 West, containing 100 acres more or less.
Abstract of title #5961, dated 9, November, 1911 list the heirs as the land changed hands.

John Ross Pension of Revoluntionary War