In the colonial days three GALLOWAY boys came from Ireland to the colonies. They enlisted in the colonial army and fought in the War for Independence. Marshall, one of the Galloway boys was born 1n 1760 and died December 17, 1827.
Marshall GALLOWAY enlisted in the colonial army when a youth and served for 7 years and 11 months. He was devoted to the cause of independence and had no love for the Tories.


Marshall Galloway enlisted June 27, 1777 and served as a Private in Captain Brice's Company in the 3rd Maryland Regiment. He was in 7 major battles and a number of other skirmishes.

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle of Brandywine near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that was fought on September 11, 1777. General Sir W Howe attacked Gen. George Washington forces on the Brandywine River. Washington was forced to retreat. The British lost 600 men and Washington lost 1400.

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle Germantown, Pennsylvania on October 4, 1777 Again Gen. Sir W Howe was in town when Gen. George Washington attempted a surprise attack against Howe's forces. The British reinforced by Cornwallis took the offensive and the Americans began a strategic retreat. The plan failed but their courage in attacking so soon after Brandywine helped win over the French.

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey on June 26, 1778 The battle was between Washington and Clinton with 15,000 men each. Gen. Charles Lee with 6,000 men was to assail the British until Washington arrived. To the astonishment of both Armies, Lee ordered a retreat. Soon after the fighting began. Only the timely arrival of Washington prevented an utter defeat. The Americans rallied and renewed the attack. Though the battle was indecisive the advantage lay with the Colonial forces.

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle of Camden, on August 16, 1780. The Americans dispatched an Army to Camden, South Carolina, the Headquarters of the British. Lord Cornwallis collected his scattered troups and joined the battle and they defeated the Americans. British lost 324 and the Americans lost 1,000 and 1,000 were taken prisioner.

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle of Cowpens on January 17, 1781 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. British forces under Tarleton were decisively beaten by the America forces under Gen. Morgan.

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle of Guilford Court House North Carolina on March 15, 1781. Gen.Greene had 4,000 men and General Cornwallis had 4,400 men, however, most of Gen. Greene's men were raw recruits and Gen. Cornwallis had 2,200 trained men. Greene was forced to retreat. Cornwallis claimed victory but Fox declared that another such victory would destroy the British Army. Americans lost 71 killed and 184 wounded. The British lost 93 killed and 413 wounded and 26 missing

Marshall Galloway was in the Battle of Eutaw Springs a River in South Carolina on September 8, 1781. Colonel forces under Gen. Greene were obliged to retreat, but the main objective of Greene's campaign was accomplished for the British under Gen. Stuart vacated the center of South Carolina and retired to Charleston. The British lost 693 men and Americans lost 408 men.

Marshall Galloway was discharged in April of 1783 after serving almost 6 years in the Continenial Army.

After the War, Marshall married Hannah WANTLAND 2 Sept 1786 in Baltimore Co. Maryland and soon migrated to Sullivan Co Tennessee. Marshall died December 17 1827 in Sullivan Co Tennessee. Hannah died 1825. She fell from a horse and was killed.


  1. Thomas born 23 May 1787 in Virginia died 1 April 1856 in Warren Co KY married Susannah DISHMAN. in Sullivan Co TN had 7 children: Marshall Leslie, Nelson, Abraham Miller(1831-1911), Flen, James Monroe(1817-1897), Jefferson, Margarette. Thomas Nelson(1822-1899) fought in the Battle of New Orleans under Andrew Jackson
  2. John born 2 Nov 1788 in Virginia died 24 July 1840 buried in the John Galloway cemetery on his old farm on the old Stage Road on the Blountville to Johnson City Hwy in TN married Mary STOKES, had 3 children: Adam, Marshall married Miss Hull, Barbara married Jacob TEATS,
    2nd married Susan BEARD had 8 children: John married Ms. CARTRIGHT, Wash, Nathan, Noah, Allen all killed in Civil War, Noah never married, Mary married John CROUCH, Annis married Calvin RADER, Sallie married Henry SCOTT
  3. James Henderson born 10 Feb 1792 died 18 Oct 1855 Muddy Creek Baptist Cemetery, Sullivan Co. TN, married Sarah BARNES had 12 children , Amanda Melvina (1816-1871) William (1818-1890), Eliza (1820-1898) Jane (1822-1909) James Henderson (1824-1885) Jr., John Marshall (1826-1886),Thomas Jefferson (1828-1911), Sarah (1830-1858), Benjamin Franklin (1833-1912),Mary D. (1835-1912), George Washington (1837-1919), and Nathan Lemmon (1840-1903. All children were born in Sullivan Co. TN.
  4. William born ca. 1798 Botetourt Co. VA died 1861 Hempstead Co AR married Sophia COX in Sullivan Co TN
  5. Abraham born ca. 1800 buried Blountville Cemetery married Mary Polly COX, Children: Isaac, Sophia, Lizzie, and Ruth. It is believed that Sophia and Mary Polly are sisters and named daughters after them
  6. Margaret (Peggy) born 1802 Virginia married John TAYLOR.
  7. Susan born 1 married Noah WANTLAND.
  8. Sarah (Sallie)born 1806 in Virinia married J. M. JOHNSON in 1841 Washington Co TN
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Marshall Galloway

Maryland Service
Revolutionary War.
Sullivan County Tennessee)SS
November 22, 1825)
Marshall Galloway personally appeared in open court, being the Court of Pleas any Quarter Sessions for the County of Sullivan aforesaid, and also being a court of record by status and common law jurisdiction: Marshall Galloway, aged 65 years, resident in Sullivan County in said state: who being duly sworn according to law, duth on oath declare that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows, to wit: He enlisted at the Lower Cross Road in Maryland, about 30 miles from Baltimore under Lt. James Allison, who belonged to Capt. Brices’ Company, Col Gumby of the Third Maryland Regiment which belonged to the Continental Army for and during the month of June 1777,and continued in service until April 1785. H received a discharged at Annapolis in Maryland, was in service between 5 and 7 years in succession. He further states he was in the Battle of Brandywine, Germantown. Monmouth. Gates’ Defeat Before Camden, Cowpens, Guilford, under General Greene, at Camden, at Eutaw Springs, and a great number of skirmishes. Col. Otho Williams commanded the Regiment to which he belonged which was attached to the Brigade of Gen. Smallwood. He remained in the Brigade of Smallwood until he was transferred to the South under Gates. His discharge is lost and he does not know any person by whom he can prove his service in this country now. Joseph Brownley, of Maryland, if alive, could prove part of his service, and William Cole, of Deercreek in Maryland, could prove it if alive.
Marshall Galloway (mark)
Test G. W. Netherland clerk, Sullivan County

State of Tennessee, Sullivan County
Be it remembered that on this 4th day of February, 1826 personally appeared Marshall Galloway before me, the subscriber Samuel Rhea, one of the acting justices of the peace for Sullivan County, and made oath that the omission to state in his original declaration now on file in the war office the fact that he had not disposed of his property since 18th of March, 1818 was clerical, he having made the full statement to the drawer of his declaration to supply nor has the same since that time been reduced, that he has had of necessity to raise and kill stock on which to subsist, of which it would be impossible for him to keep an enumeration, that his general property has not been changed . And the said Marshall Galloway doth further solemnly swear that he was a resident citizen of the United States on March 18, 1818, and I have not since that time by gift, sale, or in any manner disposed of my property or any part thereof with intent thereby to diminish it as bring myself within the provisions of the Act of Congress entitled An Act to Provide for Certain Persons Engaged in the Land and Naval Service of the United States in the Revolutionary War passed on the 18th day of March, 1818, and that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any properties or securities, contracts, or debts due to me; nor have I any means or income other than what is contained in the schedule hereto annexed and by me subscribed.
Sworn to and declared on November 22, 1826 I Richard Netherland, Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter
Sessions for said county do hereby certify that the foregoing oath and schedule hereafter annexed are truly copied from the records of said court; and I do further certify that it is the opinion of said court that the total amount of value of said property exhibited in the aforesaid schedule is one hundred seventy-nine dollars and 33 1/3 cents. In testimony whereof I have set my hand and affixed the seal of my office on the 22nd day of November, 1882
Mr. Netherland, Clerk

Schedule of Marshall GALLOWAY’s property

  1. 71 acres. land, worth $2. per acre $142.00
  2. 1 cow and calf; $10.00
  3. 3 hog, $3. each $9.00
  4. 2 sheep $3.33 1/3
  5. 1 bed and furniture $15.00

Total $179.33 1/3

He further states that he has a wife alive who lives with him who is about 5 years younger than him and 10 children alive, but all have left him but 2 daughters. The reason he did not apply to the government earlier is that he has been able to work at his occupation (farming) and support himself, but he has become latterly so afflicted with rheumatism and other diseases incruant to his period of life that he cannot clothe himself without assistance, nor can he labor for support

East Tennessee #19593 (National Archives:#s-38718, Maryland He is listed in Armstrong’s 2400 Pensioners.)

Inscribed on the roll of East Tennessee at the rate of $8.00 per month to commence on the 4th day of February 1826.

Certificate of Pension issued the 23rd of March 1826 and sent to Hon. J. Blair, H.R. Appears to 4th March 1826
Semi-annual allowance ending September 1826 $48.00
Revolutionary Claim, Acts March 18, 1818 and May 1, 1820

Marshall GALLOWAY died 17 December 1827, so he did not receive his pension for a long period of time. His waiting until he was no longer able to support himself to apply for assistance speaks eloquently of his character and patriotism.


William GALLOWAY born ca. 1798 in VA died 1861 in Hempstead Co., AR.
married Sophia COX born 1805 in TN daughter of Jessee and Susanne SUMMER COX.


  1. Abraham born ca. 1824 in TN died 1881 buried Shover Springs, Arkansas married Sarah Polk in Meigs Co. TN then moved to Arkansas in 1853. No children.
  2. Eliza born ca. 1827 in TN died 1892 buried Hope, AR married John M. ALBERT in Meigs Co., TN One child: Sarah.
  3. Thomas born ca. 1829 in TN married Mary C. ROTHWELL in Meigs Co., TN A teacher in Meigs Co. 1850. No children
  4. Annis Mae married Waller ROTHWELL 2nd married John ROSS in Hempstead Co., Arkansas
  5. John born 7 July, 1832 in Rhea Co, Tennessee which was later Meigs Co, TN died 10 April 1902 buried Matt Hall Cemetery Hempstead Co.. married Mary Ann MOUSER Hempstead Co, AR.
  6. James born 1 Sept 1835 in Meigs Co, TN married Elizabeth MOUSER
  7. Sarah born ca. 1839 in Meigs Co., TN. died 1886. married Maston SUTTON
  8. Mary born ca. 1842 in Meigs Co. TN died 1864 buried Shover Springs
  9. J. F. (Jobe) born 7 Nov. 1845 in Meigs Co. TN died March 1923 buried Shover Springs married Amanda Caroline FULLER. 6 children: William (1871-), John Walter (1873-1945), Amanda (1876-), James (1877-), Ardella (1879-), and Martha

1798 calculated birth of William GALLOWAY, in Botourt Co., Virginia
1800 Tax list of Botetourt Co. Virginia GALLOWAYS listed: Benjamin, William and Marshall. Marshall had 3 horses.
1803 November 25, Marshall bought 71 acres of land on the waters of Fall Creek, from Richard Shipley
1804 July 14, Samuel Shipley sold 19 acres of land to Marshall
1809 Sepember 5, Jobe Key sold 15 acres of land to Marshall
July 2, A land grant signed by Willie Blount, Governor of Tennessee, describes the location of 15 acres, lying in the County of Sullivan, in the District of Washington as: "Beginning at three gum and sowiwood of John Boweys line; thence north twenty west forty poles to a persimmon and meadow; then along a former survey of said GALLOWAYS north fifty nine east one hundred and twenty five poles to two white oaks and three dogwood saplings on a line of the widow Shipley; then along Bowers line to the beginning. Surveyed September the twenty second Eighteen hundred and nine with the here ditaments and appurtenance
1812 Sullivan Co. Tennessee Census, Marshall is listed with 105 acres of land
1823 calculated marriage to Sophia COX, in Sullivan Co., Tennessee
1827 December 17 death of his father, Marshall GALLOWAY.
1830 census in Rhea County, Tennessee (Later to become Meigs County) William and Sophia had 3 children under 10 years of age. Thomas COX, in the same County, could have been Sophia’s brother.
1832 William GALLOWAY’S name was on the land deed Sullivan Co. with his brothers and sisters.
1836 Juror in Meigs Co., Tennessee
1836 William GALLOWAY and Thomas COX witnesses.
1837 William and Thomas COX (his brother-in-law?) viewed and marked a road leaving the Big Road at or near Thomas and running by William to intersect the Valley Road at or near William Capises.
1838 William and Sophia had 4 children in school between the ages of 6 and 16. Thomas COX had 1 in school.
1839 Viewed road leading from Capt. GALLOWAY’S.
1840 Census of Meigs Co, Tennessee William GALLOWAY was 40 to 50 years old and Sophia was 30 to 40 years old They had 7 children under 15 years of age.
1840 a juror in Meigs Co. Tennessee
1840 Thomas COX and William GALLOWAY worked a road from Decatur to Athens.
1841 Viewed road. Once viewed road from Decatur to the McMinn County line. Rogers Creek and meeting house was in the neighborhood
1848 Thomas GALLOWAY, age 19, bought books from the estate of John Vaughn:
  1. Columbian Motor 25 ˘
  2. Marion 50 ˘
  3. Crusoe 12 ˝ ˘,
  4. Gallius 22 ˝ ˘
  5. Franklin 26˘
  6. History U.S. 65 ˘

In the 1850 census Thomas is a school teacher, this is the son that left his wife in Arkansas and went on to Texas.
1849 Aaron King estate William owed him $7.75. William bought 1 piece upper for $2.75 (leather?).
1850 Census Meigs County Tennessee William is listed (Household # 488, Thomas #496)
1860 Census listed in Hempstead Co, Arkansas
1861 Death of William Galloway Hempstead Co., Arkansas